About Giving Jar

Giving Jar celebrates Lansing charities and makes it convenient to donate to them online.

The Giving Jar platform is being built with three important ideas in mind.

Help people find charities that share their cause.

There are nearly two million nonprofits in the United States alone and many of them are small local organizations. With so many charities to choose from, it is important for prospective donors to be able to find the charities that match their passions.

Right now you can sign up for the Giving Jar newsletter to start discovering new charities. As Giving Jar grows, more tools will become available to help you search for the perfect charity.

Every donation is precious.

Donations made with Giving Jar will always go to the charity you choose. It is also important that as much of every donation makes it to the charity as possible.

We are constantly looking for better ways to donate that minimize processing fees and eliminate unnecessary steps between your bank and the charity.

Offer convenient ways to donate online.

Giving Jar would like to become a platform where donors don’t have to go out of their way to make donations. One of the early ways to donate with Giving Jar will politely ask if you are interested in donating when you make purchases online.

In other words, you can go about your life as usual and Giving Jar will bring the opportunities to donate to you.