Charity Spotlight: The Firecracker Foundation

Helping survivors of child sexual assault heal their whole being.

The Firecracker Foundation helps children who have survived sexual trauma by providing professional therapy and trauma-sensitive yoga. With this support and encouragement, children can heal their mind, body, and heart and rebuild their confidence in themselves.

In this charity spotlight, I spoke with the Founder of Firecracker Foundation, Tashmica Torok.

Origin Story

Tashmica is a survivor of child sexual abuse and incest. Her father was the perpetrator. Despite being a child who had suffered for years, she spoke up. She told her mother, and her mother listened and helped. When Tashmica asked her mom for therapy, she received it.

Recovery from this type of trauma is difficult. Twenty-five years later, Tashmica was in therapy again, discovering other ways her life had been affected by her past. She also learned that many victims of childhood abuse who go untreated struggle with addiction, eating disorders, and self-mutilation later in life.

Tashmica started thinking about the type of organization she would have wanted when she was a child: a community where children can go for individual support and participate in group activities such as yoga to mend their confidence and trust.

The Firecracker Foundation was created to build that community.


Professional therapists provide support to children through the Firecracker Foundation. The organization also offers a support group to aid the children’s caretakers.

The foundation also offers trauma-sensitive yoga to groups of children to help build confidence in themselves and others. This form of yoga removes trigger elements such as heat, darkness, vulnerable poses, closed doors, and touching. Children also get their own mat, a journal, and homework for the yoga sessions.

Firecracker also raises awareness of sexual trauma and honors survivors through writing, public speaking, sharing stories, and powerful imagery as seen in their Soulfire calendar.

Big Wins

The Firecracker Foundation was awarded a three-year, $75,000 annual grant. Combined with donations and a larger office in REO Town, this will allow even more children and families to receive the support and care they need.

To Nonprofits

If you want to start a charity, do your research. Look at your “competition” and see how they operate before deciding what you will do. If you don’t discover any charities with a similar mission then there is probably a strong need for one!

When you start to think “I don’t know what I’m doing,” Tashmica wants you to remember that you do know what you’re doing and no one knows your mission as well as you. Instead, think “I don’t know X.” Once you figure out what X is then it will be much easier to get back on track.


The Firecracker Foundation is looking to expand in many ways. They want to add a Pediatric Medical Advocacy Team, introduce art and music programs, and introduce more children to their yoga program.

Child survivors of sexual trauma can require four times as many therapy sessions as adults. In order to sustain that effective level of treatment, the foundation is also looking to raise an additional $50,000 in 2016.

To Volunteers

The Firecracker Foundation pays professionals for therapy services, but there are still plenty of opportunities for volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, check out their Facebook page. Look for events and offer your help!

Charities want to leverage the strengths of their volunteers to make sure everything runs as efficiently as possible. They’ll find ways you can help.

Get Involved

If you want to learn more about the Firecracker Foundation, you can reach them by clicking one of the buttons below.

Photographs courtesy of Firecracker Foundation.