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Progress Report #21

Progress reports are Giving Jar’s way of celebrating Success, learning from Failure, giving Thanks, and taking a peek at what’s Up and Coming. Have an idea or request? Tell us about it!


Here are the major wins in this progress report:

  1. Spotlighted R.J. Scheffel Memorial Toy Project.
  2. Great headway on next version of Shopper extension.
  3. Contacted every spotlighted charity about applying for PayPal Giving Fund.
  4. Amazon will now make a donation to Giving Jar if you select us and shop at!


Failure is okay if you learn from it. Here are some lessons learned in the past two weeks:

  • Register your business with Google and Bing for free, easy SEO.
  • When you have a big idea, write down everything about it or risk forgetting important details.


Thanks to all of the amazing charities we’ve covered for sharing your stories and being a part of what we do. We may have small budgets, but we can have a big impact when we work together!

Thank you to our new friends on social media:

  • 26 mailing list members (+1)
  • 66 Twitter followers (-0)
  • 89 Facebook page likes (+5)


Here’s where the focus will be in the next two weeks at Giving Jar:

  • Share spotlighted charity fundraisers on social media.
  • Schedule charity interviews.
  • Let PayPal Shopper users pick a charity.
  • Get more spotlighted charities on PayPal Giving Fund.

We are always looking for charities in the Greater Lansing area to write about. If you know of one, email us, tweet, or write on our Facebook wall.