Employers can match donations to us!

Progress Report #27

Progress reports are Giving Jar’s way of celebrating Success, learning from Failure, giving Thanks, and taking a peek at what’s Up and Coming. Have an idea? Tell us about it!


Here are the major wins in this progress report:

  1. Employers can match donations to us! Nonprofits, register for free on Consiva.
  2. Help a Lansing family this winter, donate to Backwards Burglar by Dec. 19!
  3. Spotlighted Child and Family Charities.


Failure is okay if you learn from it. Here’s what we learned recently:

  • Nothing new in our Shopper software. Sowwy, but we have a great feature coming soon!


We’ve received several donations to Backwards Burglar through Facebook and directly. Three Lansing families will be very grateful for all of the support this winter!

Thank you to all our new friends!

  • 36 mailing list members (+3)
  • 71 Twitter followers (+2)
  • 102 Facebook page likes (+3)


Here’s where the focus will be in the next two weeks at Giving Jar:

We are always looking for charities in the Greater Lansing area to write about. If you know of one, email us, tweet, or write on our Facebook wall.