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Progress Report #7

Progress reports are Giving Jar’s way of celebrating Success, reflecting on Failure (and what was learned from it), giving Thanks, and taking a peek at what’s Up and Coming. Hopefully you will find these progress reports informative. As always, all feedback is welcome!


Here are the major wins in this progress report:

  1. Spotlights automatically appear on the day they are scheduled!
  2. Spotlighted Firecracker Foundation.
  3. Interviewed Happendance.
  4. Created VM where code can be hosted.


There are almost always setbacks when working on a project of any size. Here are the lessons learned from the last round of setbacks:

  1. When working with new tech, expect problems and seek help from experts.
  2. Not all problems are solvable. Sometimes you have to settle for a workaround.


Thanks to Missy for introducing me to new charities and sharing the Happendance story!

Much appreciation goes to the and Jekyll communities for helping confirms issues in their software.

Thank you to all of the new friends on social media:

  • 17 mailing list members (+1)
  • 32 Twitter followers (+4)
  • 50 Facebook page likes (-0)


Here’s where the focus will be in the next two weeks at Giving Jar:

  • Spotlight Happendance.
  • Find new charities to interview.
  • Start building an API.

As always, Giving Jar is looking for charities to interview. If you know a charity that might be interested, send an email, tweet, or write on the Facebook wall.